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I had a brilliant time yesterday, but it was very tiring (I got picked up at 7.15am and was dropped of at 6pm).

Due to the tides we first went to ninety mile beach (which is in fact ~64 miles) and drove in the bus along it for nearly an hour. We then got to walk on the beach for a few minutes and dip our toes into the Tasman sea. Then we drove up a stream (where we passed a sign that read "Danger, increase speed") to some sand dunes and I watched silly people nearly kill themselves (well, no one actually injured themselves this time but someone has broken their neck sandboarding in the past). We then drove to a beautiful beach for some lunch. Afterwards we went to Cape Reinga, where I paid $20 to plant a flax, which I've named Max. I think it has a ring to it. I've been told that his co-ordinates are: -34.42983, 172.68184
Apparently if I write to the people in charge of the project and give them the co-ordinates then they'll send me photos of his progress, which is nice.
After Cape Reigna we stopped off at a place that makes stuff out of 45,000+ year old trees that they dig up from swamps, which was pretty cool. We then had fish and chips for tea before going on a short walk around a forest, where I got to touch 1,000 year old trees. Finally we went back to Paihia.

It was a good day.


Jun. 3rd, 2010 09:59 am (UTC)