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Man, I ache all over today. I've discovered a bunch of muscles that I'd forgotten about.

Let's see...

Monday I went on a trip to the museum, which I think I've already mentioned. I then had a couple of lazy days.

On Thursday I went on a trip to Devonport, which was really fun. We walked up and down and around a hill (or is it a volcano? Who knows) and in military trenches before having a barbecue by the beach. We then explored the main street of Devonport, and most of us ended up in the UK shop buying ridiculous amounts of over-priced UK sweets. It was totally worth it, though.

Thursday night was the bar crawl. And because I can't resist a bargain, I signed up for $10 for 4 drinks at 4 bars. I only bought a couple of alcoholic drinks on top of that and made sure to drink non-alcoholic beverages in between to make sure I wouldn't be too hungover the next day. One of the highlights of the night was when our group (and there was probably around 40-50 of us) passed a (homeless?) guy busking and we all sang wonderwall together. That was fun. We also did the conga on our way to one bar...

Yesterday was a really good day, which is why I was determined to not be hungover. It would appear that I was the only one to be remotely sensible, as there were just three of us (plus two guides) on the trip. We caught the ferry to Waiheke Island, which could be a little piece of heaven on earth. We went on a small walk to the beach, where Kim and Ryan went in the sea whilst I took photos for them. We then went to a little winery and got to taste some wine and beer as well as sample some delicious chutneys and vinaigrettes. Kim didn't enjoy it too much as she was still feeling the effects of the night before. Oh to be 19 again. Anyway, after drinking enough to get me slightly tipsy we went to another beach and had a barbecue lunch. Then everyone was really mean and made me choose what we did next, despite my protests about being the most indecisive person ever. So I made them jump off a cliff. It probably wasn't the best decision I'd ever made as it involved a long climb around the cliff to get to the right spot and we only had 45 minutes of daylight left plus the tide was coming in, though I didn't know any of that. Still, I think the others really enjoyed it; I was left holding onto the dog, as it was liable to jump off the cliff with everyone else. The dog did manage to sneak past me once, scaring the shit out of everyone, but I managed to grab onto him before he sent us off the cliff. We had a little bit of trouble getting back, as the tide had risen quite a bit and we couldn't get back the way we'd came. Luckily I'd spent most of my school holidays planning how I would climb various cliffs if my parents had let me, so I was able to find a way around. The others were pretty sceptical at first but they all ended up following me and we all got back in one piece. I did not enjoy the 108 steps back to the bus, though. Still, it was a good day.

Tomorrow I'm taking a bus to Paihia, where I'll stay for a few nights. I've then got to work out whether I'll be staying in Auckland for a while or whether I'm going back to Wellington for a bit. Now that I've discovered the hostel's tours I'm more inclined to stay in Auckland, as it's less hassle and there's more to keep me occupied. I'll guess I'll think about it (and check the weather forecast).